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How to shop

1. Product selection. In the left column you can select the category of products in which you are interested. You will see a brief list of all the products in the category. By clicking on the respective product you will get detailed information.

2. Adding products to your “basket”. Each of the products shows a “buy” link. By clicking this link, one piece of this product saves to your “basket”, which is a list of goods you ordered. If there are more options for one product, click the link by the required option. Changing the quantity of ordered goods can be done prior to placing in the basket or later upon checkout. Erasing of goods from the order can be done later upon checkout or directly in the “shopping basket”. The contents of the basket appear in top right corner.

3. Completion of shopping and placing of order. Click the “order” link. You will see the list of ordered goods. You can adjust some of the product’s quantity or erase something from the order. Fill the deliver information in the form and send the order by clicking the “continue shopping” button.

In case you have any special requirements that cannot be satisfied in a standard way when choosing the colour, size, type, or design, type it in the “note” field.

If you don’t send the order you can return back to the catalogue and continue shopping.

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When purchasing goods over 1,990 CZK in the Czech Republic
Over 5,990 CZK within the EU


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