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DG DogGear original product. Specially designed for sighthounds. Many breeders, experts on endurance textile materials and team of dress-makers and designers have cooperated in development. We mainly lay stress on the functionality of the clothing, used materials, details and safety of the dogs. All the coats are made in hands. 

Functionality is guaranteed by precisely developed cuts, which mainly perfectly fit, do not prevent from running, do not rasp dog´s hair on its feet and are not in the way when a dog pees. Fastening is variable on Velcro fasteners (for longwoolled breeds can be the pins used) and thanks to the elastic bands for tightenning you can perfectly shape the back part of the coat. Cuts are not copied from anyone and are developed according to the advices of veterinarians, breeders of various sighthound breeds and on the basis of testing procedures.

Used materials have been carefully chosen and most of them have patented fibres of renowned producers. They quarantee the functionality of the materials and come all from EU.

Details are quaranteed in a form of embroideries, woven tags, linings along the hoods etc. Safety of the dogs thanks to the reflective bands, so that a dog can be better seen in the dark or during a bad weather.

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