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In accordance to the law is the seller obligated to issue the sale slip. At the same time is the seller obligated to register this sale slip online at the tax administrator. In case of technical difficulties is the seller obligated to do so within following 48 hours.



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Dear customers,
Christmas is just around the corner, so please pay attention to product availability. We advice to order goods that’s in stock.
If want to be sure, that your package is going to be posted before Christmas, please place your order before 7.12.2017. Orders received after this date with product availability 10 work days, dispatching won’t be guaranteed.
Availability of each product is shown at product describtion and shopping cart. After payment receiving, you will also receive notification where is listed the latest term of posting.
Also we would like to inform you, that from 22.12.2017 to 3.1.2018, the company leave is going to take place. At this term can be our email replies delayed.
Thank you very much for your favour and we wish you merry Christmas and happy New Year. DG team